‘Get me outta here’ My dog is driving me nuts!

Posted on Friday, February 13, 2015 by Jo Clarke

My dog is a nightmare ‘Get me outta here’ !

From March 2015 we will be offering our newest service of Skype and Telephone consultations. The main benefit of these sessions is wherever you are in the country, you can have expert advice direct to your home on all your general dog training and behaviour issues.

Why are we offering Skype Consultations- Surly it is better to have someone visit us in person?

Yes and No is the answer to that. Skype consultations are the perfect solution for all your general dog training, puppy training and behaviour problems. With over 2000 hours plus of behavioural consultations carried out I have seen the A-Z of everything dog from thieving bulldogs to disobedient terriers, destructive puppies and collies frightened of their shadow! Many times customers seek advice and reassurance that they are doing ‘the correct things’ or want to clarify something they have read on the internet or in their books is the best practice to follow. Others are new to dog ownership and want to get off on the right foot to avoid any future problems. Skype consultations offer the perfect solution to this, you can chat to me as if I was in your own home, introduce me to your dog and family, and even show me footage of your dogs behaviour.

The best bit, is without traveling costs and time I am able to offer this service at an excellent price, and it brings my expertise in dog training and behaviour nationwide.

How does it work with payment and booking?

Payment I can take securely over the phone via my card terminal- pay by credit or debit card at the start of the session and off we go! With regards to booking as with all our training and behaviour services that we offer, we will collect a history of your dogs health, behaviour and training prior to the consultation so we can get to know a bit about you and your dog before we start, saving precious time. Simply Contact us , and we will get back to your with an emailed registration form and available dates and times for the sessions.

What happens following the Skype Consultation?

Following the session you can implement the advice given in your own time. We suggest you have notepad and pen handy to make notes during the session should you need to jog your memory. For a small €15 extra fee we can email you general training notes and tips to follow the Skype Consultation if you would prefer to have something written to reference.

If you then feel that a 1-2-1 or private lesson may be required as an addition to the session then these can be booked as a follow up if you wish, or why not book a second Skype Consultation so we can see how you are progressing and advice further from that point?

What problems can’t you help with in a Skype Consultation?

There are some training issues/behavioural problems which we advice a private lesson or 1-2-1 behavioural consultation as the best option. The best thing to do is to contact us where we can send you a registration form and once we have a better idea of the issues you want help with we can advise how we will be able to give you the best help and advice for your problem.