Intensive Puppy Training two-day workshop- £120 to include goodie bag and Puppy training package handout booklet.

At our fabulous outdoor ‘real life’ training venue in Walton in Gordano we will be hosting the Intensive Puppy Training Weekend Workshop- a great opportunity to socialise, train and have fun with your puppies and bring the family along too!

Available Dates:

  1. 8th & 9th JULY 2017
  2. 19th & 20th AUGUST 2017

The Puppy training weekend has been set up for anyone who wants to start off their puppy on the right paw. It is a great outdoors venue. The best way to train a dog is through reward and play and we will show you how to get the most from your puppies using positive reinforcement and reward based techniques. The workshop will consist of teaching useful commands such as your sit, down, wait, good manners, lead walking and there will be lots of focus of off lead recall, play and training around distractions. Ultimately, we want our dogs to be listening to us out walking, not in a hall- and this workshop will get you exactly that! There will be plenty of time for puppies to rest and any questions you have asked and answered. We schedule in detailed discussions on crate training, toilet training, socialisation plan, and what to do when it all goes wrong!

What does it involve?


    1. Puppies will be introduced to well-mannered adult ‘teaching’ dogs, different people and have plenty of socialisation and controlled play with the pups and adult ‘teaching’ dogs in their group.


    1. There will be a break for lunch and several owner recuperation/discussion breaks! There is plenty of down time during the workshop for puppies to chill, rest and learn to settle.


    1. Notes will be provided to back up each day and every owner will be given a training bag full of goodies included in the workshop price.


    1. Training will all be outdoors in a secure field, there is shelter in the event of rain, and a lovely Shepard’s hut to eat lunch, but we always keep everything crossed for some nice dry weather on the day!


  1. Puppies will only be meeting other vaccinated dogs, and puppies in their group and it is private land so there is no chance of them coming across an unvaccinated dog, however we do advise a full course of vaccinations is a good idea. (Contact me if you wish to discuss this)

Who is it for?

  1. Any vaccinated puppies from 10 weeks to 7 months.