Sarah McKinnon & Cupar

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017 by Jo Clarke

Meet Cupar, he’s a Border Collie and lives in Bristol.

This is what Sarah McKinnon & Cupar had to say about Cupar and his progress thanks to Go Fetch It!

I attended the Puppy workshop with Cupar in May and it was excellent. Getting to meet other puppy owners swapping stories and being helped by Jo in setting the right basics at the start to build upon as Cupar gets older.

Each part of the training was fun and engaging with everything being based around building the bond between Cupar and I. It highlighted areas that needed work on recall being the main one for our little boy as he’s a little too friendly! As well as settling and not getting too excited when he isn’t getting what he wants

Both days were packed with tips, tricks and information to make having a puppy fun and stress free but one of the best things was that everyone was treated separately depending on their dog and their personality.

Cannot recommend this course highly enough, we have all the basic skills to start life on the right paw!