Accredited Scentwork UK trainers, we deliver Scentwork UK training classes for any dog wanting to start this exciting new dog sport!


Scentwork classes- Block of 6 Scentwork UK group lessons Levels 1-4 £70

 Scentwork UK Level 1- October 5th NOW FULL CONTACT FOR WAIT LIST
Scentwork UK Level 2 – October 4th NOW FULL CONTACT FOR WAIT LIST


“Scentwork UK is an organisation that provides scentwork trials and qualifications. Dogs are tested against a consistent national standard and can progress from beginners to advanced by passing the individual levels at a Scentwork UK trial. Progression through the trials helps participants to focus on their training and to achieve small steps with modern reward based training methods.” (

As accredited Scentwork UK Trainers, we will be teaching the dogs to find a hidden natural scent which the dogs will be trained to find and indicate on when they find it. Scentwork UK training and trials are based on a ‘detection-style nose work’ which is practiced daily by customs & excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search & rescue dogs and medical detection dogs ( Nosework is a great mental stimulation for an active dog, and we guarantee to send home dogs and owners well and truly scented out!!!

What does it involve?:

A great fun class aimed at any ball/toy/food obsessed dogs that need to channel their energy into a job! We will be teaching dogs search patterns using a favourite toy/treat, and getting them to use their noses to find their rewards, before training them to detect a specific ‘scent’ such as Clove or Gun oil at later levels. The games really start getting fun as the scent gets hidden in increasingly more difficult places, with difficult challenges which will keep your dog not only focused on the task, but having great fun at the same time. A superb outlet for physical and mental energy which doesn’t require extreme athletic ability from the owners!! We will be training dogs to Scentwork UK programme and there will be options to enter Scentwork UK trials if you wish!

Who is it for?

Any breed of dog is welcome to join, but we do ask that your dog has a high desire for a ball or similar toy/item or Food Reward (yep a pair of socks do count as a toy, don’t worry if they don’t retrieve!!).