Separation Anxiety breaking the bark!

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017 by Jo Clarke

Meet Jake, he’s a Weimaraner/Collie cross and lives in Portishead.

This is what Separation Anxiety breaking the bark! had to say about Jake and his progress thanks to Go Fetch It!

‘Jake is my beautiful rescue Weimaraner/Collie cross and whilst he is a wonderfully family dog in every other way, does not like to be left at home. He will happy wait in the car for me to do the weekly shop etc but if left at the house will bark and howl until I return, not ideal for our poor neighbours!

I then met Jo and pulling my hair out asked ‘why will Jake happily sleep in the car whilst I pop out, but not relax in the house?’ Jo’s approach was great and she spent some time with Jake and I to see how we interacted first. She then looked holistically at our relationship to work on the underlying issue we had with Jake that was manifesting itself in this separation anxiety type of behaviour when left alone in the house. Under Jo’s guidance we implemented more ‘house rules’ and boundaries for Jake when at home that is slowly making Jake a more relaxed dog generally.

We are still on our journey with Jake as behaviour issues to take time to resolve, but I have seen so many positive changes already. Jo has always been on hand to answer any questions I have in a timely fashion in order to build up the training we are doing slowly and consistently. Jo is professional in her work but strikes the right balance of being personable too, which is just what is needed when working closely with her customers and on a relationship as important as between owners and their beloved dogs.”